Integrated Traffic Control System

The Integrated Traffic Control System includes three primary functions: integrated on-ramp interchange control, integrated off-ramp interchange control, and the coordination of on-ramp and off-ramp controls.



Multi-Modal Evacuation System

The Multi-Modal Evacuation System provide a user-friendly interface which allows users to select the emergency location and make change of the demand information. Then the system will design the evacuation plan for pedestrians, transit vehicles, and passenger cars. A simulation tool is also embeded into this system to evaluate the performance of the evacuation plans produced.


Unconventional Intersection/Interchange Planning and Operation System

The unconventional intersection planning and operation system provides planning evaluations to the geometric design of unventional intersection/interchange with the traffic demand put. The system is also able to generate the optimal signal plan for operation purposes. At the current state, this system includes three types of intersections/interchanges, such as Continuous Flow Intersection (CFI), Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI), and Superstreet.